Our Business

Started in Pinellas County, FL, in 1959 as a small, local business, we have seen many changes through the years. When the company began, the vision was to provide the local residents and businesses with an honest, reliable and knowledgeable resource for something that was, at that time, a still fairly new concept to many people in the area: air conditioning.


What began with one man, quickly grew in size. For quite some time, the company had a fairly large number of employees, in response to the growing demand from customers. The reason behind the increasing demand was quite simple, and it can be explained as this: provide a service people want, at a fair price, while being respectful of and honest with them, and stand behind every job you do. He did not believe in cutting any corners, and he never left until everything was complete, everything was done right and the customer was happy. 


After some time, he felt the need to scale back, to return the company to a small family business, in which every customer who called knew who they were talking to, and knew that same person on the phone would be the same one arriving at their door.


Today, that man has since passed on, but not before instilling the same philosophy he had, into those who would continue on, to provide the same service, in the same fair and honest way in which he did. 


In keeping with this philosophy, and in keeping with the family structure, it has required some changes to take place. Once these changes are complete, we look forward to continuing to be an honest, trusted and reliable resource to the families and businesses in our community when they have a need for us. 



Stay Current

**NOTICE**As many of our longtime customers know, we are undergoing some changes. We hope to have them completed soon! For those who may not, and would like to, or for anyone wanting to know more info, just call or email us.